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Szomód - Börzsöny - Mátra - Miskolc Tapolca
Eastern Hungary - Nógrá... > Hungría > Europa
August 19, 2015 - 4 star rating ruta Moto Ruta4.0

Túra szép kanyargós helyeken,végén Barlangfürdő

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Lillafüred to Mályinka
Eastern Hungary - Nógrá... > Hungría > Europa
Junio 10, 2015 - 3 star rating ruta Moto Ruta3.0

Nice semi-mountainous but poor surface road in the heart of one of the most beautiful national parcs of Hungary.

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  • Cagiva Gran Canyon
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Eger - Miskolc (Bukki Nemzeti Park)
Eastern Hungary - Nógrá... > Hungría > Europa
Abril 29, 2014 - 5 star rating ruta Moto Ruta5.0

'Hungarian Alps', mountainous route through Bukki Nemzeti Park. Various scenery, various road quality.

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Eastern Hungary - Nógrá... > Hungría > Europa
Febrero 6, 2014 - 4 star rating ruta Moto Ruta4.0

Beautiful piece of road, with cliffs, rivers and a wonderful forest around.
The road quality if perfect on the western side that turns into acceptable from the middle (county border) but still not dramatic.


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Cered - Zagyvarona
Eastern Hungary - Nógrá... > Hungría > Europa
Febrero 6, 2014 - 5 star rating ruta Moto Ruta5.0

Among the best routes in Hungary if you want some cornering done.
Recent roadworks turned this small road between two little villages an awesome spot.


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Eastern Hungary - Nógrá... > Hungría > Europa
Mayo 11, 2013 - 4 star rating ruta Moto Ruta4.0

Gyönyörű táj, jó minőségű aszfalt, sok kanyar.

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Eger round trip via Gyöngyös
Eastern Hungary - Nógrá... > Hungría > Europa
Marcha 3, 2011 - 4 star rating ruta Moto Ruta4.0

A journey of about 100kms starting and finishing in Eger. From the main road number 25 that runs through Eger take the turn for Sirok (road number 24). After a few hundred metres you are out of town and hitting open countryside. Not much in the way of straights but plenty of bends. The next village is Egerbakta. This is where things get interesting as when you leave here you start climbing through the forest with some good twisties both up and downhill. When you reach Sirok follow the signs for the castle (to the right from the centre of the village). From the castle you have amazing 360* views of the Matra and Bukk mountains and the Tatras in Slovakia. Return to rod number 24 and continue on through Resck and Parad. The road here is very flat but again very twisty. In Paradsasvar the road takes a sharp turn to the left and you are once again climbing through the forest on a really fun twisty road, very popular with bikers in the summer. Once at the top in Matrahaza) there is a large car park to the right with several huts selling trinkets and food/drinks, a great place fro a brief stop. From here there is a road to the left which takes you to Kékestetó, the highest point in Hungary. There is a tall tower which can be accessed to give fantastic views all around. Back to road number 24 and continue along, you'll be heading down for several kms with many more bends into Gyöngyös. At the very end of the road you reach road number 3. Turn left here and head in the direction of Eger. After about 3kms there is a small turning to the left signed "Abasar". Take this road and stay on it. This is a flatter, but not flat road running along the foot of the Matra mountains heading through Abasar,Markaz, Domozlo, Kisnana and into Verpelet.All very traditional Hungarian villages. In Veprelet there is a turning to the left signed "Eger", take this road, a mix of up and downhill, straights and bends, through Egerszalok and back to the main road number 25 in Eger about 1 1/2 kms from your start point. Please note that the speed limit is 50kph in towns and villages and 90kph out of town. The drink drive limit is ZERO!! There are very few Police around but there are a couple of bike cops that ride between Eger and Kekes during the summer. There are NO fixed speed cameras but very occasionally there is an unmarked car with speed gun near Eger but I've only seen this a handful of times in 3 years.

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Bukki National Park
Eastern Hungary - Nógrá... > Hungría > Europa
Julio 1, 2010 - 4 star rating ruta Moto Ruta4.0

Great winding road, mostly through beech forest.

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